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Saudi Arab Clients Visit Sunco Machinery for Chicken Manure Dryer System

08-28-2023 Hits:

Recently Saudi Arab Clients come to visit Sunco machinery to negotiate the purchasing of Chicken Manure Drying System.

Chicken Manure Dryer Machine for Saudi Arab Clients,

Saudi Arab clients have 8 chicken shelter, totally there are about 300,000 birds.  They mainly breed broilers, and within about one month, the broilers can be grown up.  Thus, when the chicken is small, the quantity of chicken manure created is less; when the chicken grow up, them much more quantity of chicken manure will be created.

At peak time, everyday the chicken farm can creats about 30 tons fresh chicken manure with moisture content up to about 30 tons per day.  As their chicken farm is in the rural area in the desert which is far away from the residents area. In the past, the chicken manure is just put outer door and to be dried slowly under Sunshine.

As the scale of chicken farm is developing gradually, more and more chicken manure is created, what is more, just to put the wet chicken manure outdoors, it will cause strong bag smell and flies problems which will pollute the environment.

Now it is necessary to find the suitable and economical ways to process and dry the fresh chicken manure in time. Chicken Manure Dryer by Sunco Machinery is specially designed for drying fresh chicken manure quickly and continuously, and within about 25 minutes, the moisture content of wet chicken manure can be reduced to be less than 20% from 75%-80%.

After being dried, the dried chicken manure can be used as high quality organic fertilizer, and it can increase the quality of soil and supply nutrition such as N,P,K for the plants.

During the visit, Saudi Arab clients checking the quality of the finished chicken manure drying line for DRC Africa customers, and they are satisfied on our design and quality of manure dryer machine.  

Considering the wet chicken manure has strong corrisive on the steel, thus like DRC Africa Clients, Saudi Arab clients also prefer to use stainless steel for the related parts which contacts the wet manure.

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